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Contact information:
Tim Matthias, Fire Chief
720 West 2nd
Ottawa, KS 66067
(785) 229-3700


Mission Statement

The mission of the Ottawa Fire Department is to protect lives and conserve property by minimizing the frequency and effect of fires, hazardous material incidents, disasters and other like occurrences. The methods used to accomplish this mission are prevention, control, training and public education. We are committed to being efficient, and effective, and innovative. The nature of firefighting service is varied. Examples include but are not limited to:  Equal, equitable, and fair service to all. Responding to all calls for service. Inspections, preplanning and public relations contacts. A personal demeanor, conduct, and image of our personnel on duty as well as off duty. The perceptions we create while engaging in these services are functionally defined, made real, and ultimately judged by the nature of activities, as well as how we appear while performing such activities.

Fire Department Responses for 2013 


Fire Station 1Fire Station 1
720 West Second St.
Ottawa, KS 66067
Phone: (785)229-3700
Fax: (785) 229-3705



Fire Station 2Fire Station 2
219 East 14th St.
Ottawa, KS 66067
Phone: (785) 229-7300 





Apparatus Photos

Tower 1 Tower 1 is a 2008 Pierce aerial platform truck with a 100’ reach, 300-gallon water tank, and a 2000-gallon per minute pump. The tower has two nozzles on the platform that can each flow 1000 gallons per minute. Tower 1 is used for tall buildings as an elevated master stream, and for rescue. 
 Engine 1 Engine 1 is a 1991 Ottawa Beck Fire custom pumper 750-gallon water tank and 1500 gallon per minute pump. This engine is now a reserve pumper for the Ottawa Fire Department.
 Engine 2 Engine 2 is a 2001 Pierce custom pumper with 1000-gallon water tank and 1500 gallon per minute pump. The engine has a deck gun nozzle that can flow master streams. This is the "first-out" of engine from Station 1 for all fires and most other calls.
 Engine 3 Engine 3 is a 1996 Pierce custom pumper with 750-gallon water tank and 1500 gallon per minute pump. The engine has a deck gun nozzle that can flow master streams. Engine 3 is assigned to Station 2 and is the "first-out" engine for all calls from that station.
 Fire Truck Squad 1
Squad 1 is a 2006 Pierce contender with compressed foam system. Squad 1 is used for light rescue, medical response, and grass/ brush fires.


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